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Kris Woodward, President | Owner

Kris Woodward, owner of Ready2Go Office Furniture, has more than 19 years of experience in the commercial office furniture industry, including a background in manufacturing, space planning, project and sales management. He has successfully completed hundreds of projects with businesses throughout the Midwest and across the United States. His clients have ranged from large corporations to start-up companies.

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Office Solutions and Services

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Ready2Go Office furniture can help you create a dynamic and productive office space. Whether you are looking for help in the designing and configuring of your office space or looking to hire an office solutions project management team, we here to help accommodate your needs.

Space Planning

Your business is constantly changing and adapting to new factors both external and internal. Why shouldn’t your workspace change too? With a commitment to fast furniture under budget, Ready2Go Office Furniture can help you plan for a dynamic office layout that fits the evolution of your business.

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Installation and Delivery

When you are looking for an office furniture deliverer and installer, Ready2Go Office Furniture offers the professional team you’re looking for. With a commitment to fast furniture under budget, we handle everything from delivery to installation and more.

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Interior Design

Ready2Go Office Furniture specializes in creating workspaces that are stunning yet functional. Our team of interior designers are experts in keeping up with commercial interior design trends, small office interior design, and even modern interior design so that they can bring you the most purposeful workspaces.

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Project Management

Ready2Go Office Furniture is committed to providing you with fast furniture under budget. Part of this is helping you with the project management of your office’s move, installation, or reorganization.

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Repair and Cleaning

Ready2Go Office Furniture can help you with repair and cleaning to maintain that high-quality appearance in your office furniture and systems. We can also provide a contract cleaning service. From repairing dings or scratches to soiled divider panels, our professional cleaners can handle the job.

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