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  • staff in client pitch meeting

    What Your Conference Room Furniture Says About Your Business

    A conference room is a central fixture of many office spaces. Being used for a range of functions from staff meetings and collaborative sessions to job interviews and private consultations with prospective clients, your conference room should reflect your brand. Beyond generating a great first impression for clients, your conference room should remind your staff …

  • office wiating room with beautiful wall paper

    What Makes an Office Space Modern?

    Gone are the days of endless office cubicles offering confined spaces for employees while doing little in the way of aesthetic appeal. Instead, the modern office space has increasingly become the top choice of employers with lots of colors, open spaces, and natural lighting. While office spaces of the past were focused on a serious …

  • office chairs pushed in

    Why Ergonomic Office Chairs Matter to Your Employees

    According to Forbes, the average office employee sits a whopping 15 hours per day. With over half of the day spent sitting, it goes without saying that offering your employees an ergonomic office chair that will effectively support them is critical. Believe it or not, sitting in the wrong chair for long periods of time …

  • a desk with several items on top

    10 Things Every Home Office Needs

    Today, when the time calls for more work-from-home setups, having a well-organized and comfortable home office is what you’ll need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Working online requires you to spend most of your time or even your whole day staring at your laptop screen inside a single room.  That’s why it’s …

  • private office with storage

    5 Benefits to Quick-Ship Office Furniture

    When outfitting your office space with the necessary furniture, there are many options at your disposal. There is no shortage of retail office furniture sellers in the United States with an estimated 27,708 furniture store businesses in the country as of 2022. On the other hand, online furniture retailers are growing in popularity, generating around …

  • Employee working on Desktop computer

    5 Office Furniture Trends for 2022

    Office furniture trends have continued to change year after year to improve employee productivity and enjoyment of the office work environment. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, current trends are steering more towards quick-ship furniture options that are even more comfortable and ergonomic as well as functional. Another significant change businesses are facing at this point …

  • office with chairs and tables

    What are the Best Materials for Office Furniture?

    Today’s modern office requires modern furniture. Yet, finding the right pieces that are comfortable, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing is challenging. Thankfully, you’ve got Ready2Go Office Furniture: The Midwest’s leading quick-ship office furniture supplier. We know how important both functionality and comfort are when outfitting your corner office or reception area. That’s why we work with …

  • Office conference room with couch

    7 Reasons Your Office Needs New Furniture

    Buying new office furniture is often overwhelming for business owners. So, it is no surprise that many try to get as much as they can out of their current furniture. However, waiting until the leather is peeling or things are falling apart is not a good business look. While you might think that an investment …

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